KH may refer to:

  • KH Engineering, an international engineering company and EPC contractor. Head office in Schiedam, The Netherlands.
  • Cambodia (Kampuchea, Kampocha, Kamboja) ISO 3166-2 alpha code
    • .kh, the Internet country code top-level domain for Cambodia
  • Kingdom Hearts — a Disney and Square Enix video game series
    • Kingdom Hearts (video game) — the first game in the series
  • Khornerstone — a computer benchmark
  • Kh (digraph) — in English transliteration from numerous foreign languages, usually represents, but sometimes .
  • KH (hardness) — a measure of the hardness of water (calcium carbonate concentration)
  • Kelvin–Helmholtz instability — a phenomenon of fluid mechanics
  • Kh factor - a constant used in electrical metering which corresponds to the number of watt-hours used per revolution of the meter disc
  • Potassium hydride, chemical formula KH
  • Key Hole (KH) series of imaging satellites used by various United States agencies
  • A knight of the Royal Guelphic Order (KH)
  • KH - Henry's Law constant

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