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Realizing The Dream

Kalczynski would watch his father get laid-off continuously as a tool and die maker and did not want to follow in those footsteps. He decided to head to Wayne State University where, on a whim, he did a reading for WAYN, the closed-circuit radio station on campus. He was not very good. However, it sparked his interest in broadcasting and he began to practice. After much improvement, he finally landed a sportscasting job calling local college ice hockey games. Knowing nothing of hockey, his broadcasts were dry and hard to follow, but Kalczynski stuck with it. It was here he shortened his on-air moniker to "Ken Kal" and began to see improvements in both his quality of broadcasts and his fanbase.

After his graduation from Wayne State in 1979, Kalczynski landed a job with WAAM. There, he was a sportscaster working under sports director Paul Chapman and also served as a disc jockey on numerous occasions. In 1984, Kalczynski finally received the job he was after, replacing Chapman, who had moved on to WJR, on the play-by-play duties for University of Michigan hockey. Kalczynski would go on to hold that position for the next 11 years on both WAAM and WTKA.

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