Keg Tossing

Keg tossing is a sport that involves the heaving of a standard 15.5 gallon beer keg. Most people would refer to this type of keg as a "half-keg" or "half-barrel." The keg must be completely emptied before it should be tossed to avoid injuries. There are many different types of keg tossing, as it is practiced throughout the world. In Ireland, the keg is typically thrown over upwards and the height of the toss determines the winner.

The newest way to toss a keg combines techniques of both the discus and hammer throw. This updated form of keg tossing does not require the athlete to toss the keg high, rather they are required to try to throw it the farthest distance. Athletes are given three attempts to throw the keg and the winner is determined by measuring the distance tossed. The one who throws the keg the furthest wins.

The basic technique for tossing the keg involves swinging the keg in a pendulum like manner and releasing the keg when it is at its apex. A more experienced athlete uses a spin method similar to a hammer throw. The keg is again released when it is at its apex, allowing for the maximum distance.

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