Katy Garbi - Career - 1998–1999: Christmas With Katy & Doro Theou

1998–1999: Christmas With Katy & Doro Theou

For Christmas 1998, Garbi created a Christmas album of famous Christmas carols titled Hristougenna Me Tin Katy (English: Christmas With Katy) all adapted with Greek lyrics by Eleni Giannatsoulia. The album had been a wish by Garbi for many years. Hristouyenna Me Tin Katy is a collaboration with well known Greek children's choir of Spiros Labros, while the internationally known tenor Konstantinos Paliatsaras is also featured on one track. Since its release in 1998, sales of the album have increased with the coming of each Christmas season. In fact, although it was popular during the time of its release, it was not until 2002 when it gained its gold certification, four years after its release.

1999 saw the release of Garbi's platinum album Doro Theou (English: Gift of God) as a dedication to her newborn baby boy Dimitris. Backup vocals by fellow singer Antonis Remos where provided on the song "Anisos Agonas", as well as the vocals of Pashalis Terzis featured on "Sta Deka Metra". Singles from the album included "Doro Theou", "Agkires", and "Aponomi Dikeosinis".

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