Kaspar Glatz

Kaspar Glatz (died 1551) was a minor figure in reformation-era Lutheranism. Trained in the early days of the reformation by Martin Luther at Wittenberg, he served as a pastor in the new movement for more than 20 years. The most comprehensive biographical sketch is contained in the late nineteenth-century Allgemeine Deutsche Biographie.

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Kaspar Glatz - Evaluation
... Glatz has been treated harshly by some historians ... For example “Caspar Glatz, matriculated at Wittenberg, became rector of the university 1524 pastor at Orlamünde, a suitor of Catharine von Bora, who rejected him ... had even thought, shortly before, of arranging a marriage between her and a minister named Glatz, who later on, however, proved himself unworthy of this office.” His life may have been rather unremarkable ...

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