Karplus is a surname for a family that has been traced back to the Jewish cemetery 50°16′38″N 17°43′00″E / 50.27726°N 17.71680°E / 50.27726; 17.71680 in the village of Osoblaha (formerly Hotzenplotz) in the Czech Republic near the border with Poland. All people with the surname "Karplus" appear to be descendants of Alexander Karplus, who died in June 1797 and was the first to carry the family name "Karplus". The name was created in response to the 1787 requirement of the Austrian Empire that all Jewish families have surnames. No one knows what the name means (if anything).

Noted members of the family include

  • Johann Paul Karplus (1866, Opava, Austrian Silesia - 1966, Vienna), Czech-Austrian neurophysiologist and psychiatry
  • Arnold Karplus (1877, Vítkov, Austrian Silesia - 1968), a Jewish Czech-Austrian architect
    • Ruth Rogers-Altmann, née Karplus (1917, Vienna), daughter of Arnold Karplus, a Jewish Austrian painter and designer
  • (Margarete) "Gretel" Adorno, née Karplus (1902 - 1993), Jewish German chemist, businesswoman; wife of Theodor W. Adorno
  • Robert Karplus (1927, Vienna - 1990), UC Berkeley theoretical physicist and educator
    • Robert Karplus Prize in Chemical Physics at Harvard
  • Martin Karplus (born 1930, Vienna), Harvard University theoretical chemist, Robert Karplus's brother
    • Karplus equation
  • Kevin Karplus (born 1954, Chicago), professor of bioinformatics at UC Santa Cruz
    • Karplus-Strong string synthesis

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