Karlstadt can refer to places:

  • Karlstadt am Main, Germany
  • Karlovac, Croatia (German name Karlstadt)
  • Karlstad, Sweden

or to:

  • Andreas Karlstadt, a contemporary of Martin Luther during the Reformation.

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... Kalbenstein Gössenheim Arnberg Himmelstadt Kelter Karlstadt Im Stein Laudenbach (Karlstadt) Schloß Mühlbach Fronberg Retzstadt Langenberg Stetten Stein ...
Andreas Karlstadt - Reformation - Iconoclasm and Marian Views
... Some of the Protestant reformers, in particular Andreas Karlstadt, together with Huldrych Zwingli and John Calvin encouraged the removal of religious images by ... Karlstadt was a driving force of the “Bildersturm” (see Beeldenstorm) in his days ... On March 12, 1522, Karlstadt spoke about Marian pictures, which were venerated at the time, and urged that they all be removed ...
Andreas Karlstadt - Reformation
... Before 1515, Karlstadt was a proponent of a modified scholasticism ... attacked indulgences.) In 1519, Johann Eck challenged Karlstadt to the Leipzig Debate ... There, Eck debated with Luther as well as Karlstadt ...
Johannes Schöner - Life - Early Life
... Schöner was born on January 16, 1477 in Karlstadt am Main in Lower Franconia ... His next appointment was as vicar in his hometown Karlstadt from the 4th June 1504. 1506 he was again in Bamberg before he returned to Karlstadt ...