Kareem Saïd - Character Overview

Character Overview

Prisoner #97S444. Convicted June 6, 1997 – Arson in the second degree. Sentence: 18 years, eligible for parole in five. Later, found not guilty of one count of murder in the first degree, and pled guilty to two counts of attempted murder and sentenced to an unknown period of time.

Saïd (born Goodson Truman), is a Muslim and Black nationalist who was imprisoned for blowing up a white owned warehouse. In prison, Saïd immediately took charge of the Muslim prisoners, who sometimes chafed at both his extreme moral code and his apparent violations of those same standards. Saïd is sometimes confused to be a member of the 'Nation of Islam'. However, this indeed is not the case. In season 4 in one of his classes, it is written 'Muhammad the last prophet of Allah'. This is contradictory to the Nation of Islam's beliefs. Furthermore, Nation of Islam members do not wear kufis or Tasbih. He's one of the most powerful prisoners in Emerald City, but not powerful in the way other gang leaders are powerful, such as Nino Schibetta or Burr Redding. He has a large political influence and also a lot of contacts in the media. Kareem and the other Muslims renounce themselves from drugs and try to obviate the drug smuggling and drug use because it strongly violates their religion.

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