Jyu Jik Chuyhn

Jyu Jik Chuyhn 朱亦傳 (1892–1980) was born in the Toi-San district of Guangdong province and began his training in martial arts at an early age. Originally learning Hung Kuyhn and later Choy Lay Fut from a monk named Choy Ying. Choy Ying introduced Jyu Jik Chuyhn to Jaang Saan Ying, head Monk of the Clear Cloud Temple in Toi San.

Chuyhn studied a wide variety of martial arts under the tutelage of Jaang Saan Ying. Along with Choy Lay Fut, he was trained in other arts such as “Nam Ying Jao Kuyhnn” (Southern Eagle Claw) and “Ngok Fei Pai” (named after and created by the General, Ngok Fei). His training in these styles prepared him for what he would learn under both Wong Lam-Hoi and Wong Yan-Lam.

Chyuhn first learned Lama Pai under the direction of Wong Lum Hoi. Such an accomplished martial artist was Chyuhn that he learned all of Wong Lum Hoi’s Lama Pai hand and weapon sets in under 7 years. Towards the end of his training he sought out the teachings of Wong Yan Lum upon his return to Guangdong. He spent many years learning different forms from Wong Yan Lum until he completed the Lama Pai style. Jyu Chuyhn was the only man who learned with both teachers and was accepted by both as a disciple. He learned the entire system and was given permission by both Wong Yan Lam and Wong Lam Hoi to pass on the Lama Pai system.

Notable students under Jyu Chuyhn were:

  1. Gong Kwan-San
  2. Lei Lun-San
  3. Leu Yuk-San
  4. Lei Sek-San
  5. Lei Chiu-San
  6. Jyu Wu-San
  7. Jyu Wan-San
  8. Lei Git-San
  9. Jyu Ching San
  10. Lei Wai-San
  11. Chan Tai-San

Jyu Chuyhn is survived by his 4th son, Jyu Maan Yueng (1939) who is a doctor living in Toi San, China. He is proficient in the Choy Lay Fut style of his father and still teaches at 70 years of age.