Junon may refer to:

  • Juno (mythology), in French
  • Junon (magazine) is a monthly Japanese fashion magazine
  • French ship Junon - Ten ships of the French Navy have borne this name, the last one decommissioned in 1996.
  • HMS Junon - The Royal Navy retained the name for several French ships of that name that it captured and brought into the Service
  • Gaia (Final Fantasy VII)#Geography

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Shōgo Sakamoto - Magazine
... Shinchōsha Junon April edition (Feb. 5 (31 March 2010) Junon April edition (23 February 2010) The Television Weekly- Released May 19 Junon July edition - Released May 22 Good Come Vol.15 - released June 2 Cast-P ...
Action Of 10 February 1809
... a British Royal Navy squadron chased and captured the French frigate Junon in the Caribbean Sea ... Junon was on a mission to carry trade goods from the Îles des Saintes near Guadeloupe back to France and was part of a succession of French warships sent during 1808 and the early months of 1809 in an ... Having landed supplies, Junon's return cargo was intended to improve the economic situation on Guadeloupe with much needed oceanic trade ...
French Frigate Junon (1806)
... The Junon was a Gloire class 40-gun frigate of the French Navy ... and HMS Latona, the brig HMS Driver and the schooner HMS Superieure Junon surrendered after a fierce resistance, and was brought into British ...
Action Of 10 February 1809 - Aftermath
... an officer of Horatio because he insisted that Horatio had caused the entirety of Junon's damage ... The battered Junon was taken in tow to Halifax, Nova Scotia, where she was repaired and later commissioned into the Royal Navy under the same name ... In the month following the capture of Junon, Guadeloupe was the only French colony in the Caribbean not under attack Martinique fell to the British on 24 February and Spanish forces continued their Siege of ...
Action Of 10 February 1809 - Battle
... At 1400 on 8 February, four days after leaving the Îles des Saintes, Junon was spotted passing close to the Virgin Islands by the small British ... Rapidly closing with the new arrivals, Junon opened fire at 1236 ... Rousseau had also been badly wounded in the exchange, and command of Junon passed to Lieutenant Jean-Léon Emeric, who attempted to pull away from his battered adversary ...