Judas Traveller

Judas Traveller

Dr. Judas Traveller is a Marvel Comics fictional character. He first appeared in Web of Spider-Man #117 (October 1994). He was created by writer Terry Kavanagh and artist Steven Butler.

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Judas Traveller - Fictional Character Biography - The Trial of Peter Parker
... Kaine attacks Traveller and attempts to leave his "mark" on his face, but Traveller is unaffected and displays his power by holding Kaine in the palm ... Traveller binds Spider-Man and allows the supervillains, led by Carnage, to carry out Spider-Man's death sentence ... Before Kaine could be killed by the mob, Traveller disperses the entire group and returns them to their cells as he had gotten the answer he wanted ...
Clone Saga - Production and Development Controversy - Early Development Trouble
... Glenn Greenberg "No one—not the writers, not the editors—seemed to know who or what the hell Judas Traveller was ... But to be honest, a character like Traveller didn't really fit into Spider-Man's world." As such, Traveller's role would remain a mystery to readers for a while, as ... and purpose, like many others, such as Judas Traveller and the Scrier, whose roles would not be revealed for quite some time ...

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