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Timeline Of The 2008 North Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - Timeline of Storms - April
... April 1800 ... UTC – The Joint Typhoon Warning Center (JTWC) designates an area of low pressure over the Bay of Bengal as Tropical Depression 01B ... April 0300 ... UTC – The Indian Meteorological Department (IMD) designates Tropical Depression 01B as Depression BOB01-2008. 1200 UTC – The IMD upgrades Depression BOB01-2008 (01B) to a deep depression ...
Timeline Of The 2008–09 South-West Indian Ocean Cyclone Season - February
... February 0600 ... UTC - Méteo-France upgrades Area of Disturbed Weather 08-20082009 to Tropical Disturbance 08-20082009 ... February 0000 ... UTC - Méteo-France upgrades Tropical Disturbance 08-20082009 to Tropical Depression 08-20082009. 0600 UTC - Mauritius Meteorological Services designates Tropical Depression 08-20082009 as Moderate Tropical Storm Gael ...
Timeline Of The 2007 Pacific Typhoon Season - Timeline - August
... UTC - The JMA downgrades Typhoon Usagi to a severe tropical storm ... UTC - Severe Tropical Storm Usagi makes landfall near Ube, Yamaguchi ... UTC - Tropical Depression 06W forms southeast of Huế, Vietnam ...
Timeline Of The 2007 Pacific Typhoon Season - Timeline - October
... UTC - PAGASA designates 91W.INVEST as Tropical Depression Ineng ... UTC - The JTWC designates Tropical Depression Ineng as Tropical Depression 17W, far east-northeast of Manila, the Philippines ... UTC - PAGASA upgrades Tropical Depression Ineng to Tropical Storm Ineng ...
Timeline Of The 2007 Pacific Typhoon Season - Timeline - July
... UTC - Tropical Storm 03W forms just southeast of Hainan Island ... UTC - The JTWC downgrades Tropical Storm 03W to a tropical depression ... UTC - The JTWC upgrades Tropical Depression 03W back to Tropical Storm 03W ...

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