Joseph Urban - U.S. Architecture and Interior Design

U.S. Architecture and Interior Design

This partial list omits unbuilt projects.

  • Austrian Pavilion, Louisiana Purchase Exposition, 1904
  • Sherman Hotel Tiger Room, Chicago, 1920
  • Wiener Werkstätte Showroom, NYC, 1922
  • Mar-A-Lago, Palm Beach, Florida, 1925–1926
  • Demarest Little Castle, Palm Beach, Florida, 1926
  • Paramount Theater, Sunrise Building, Palm Beach, Florida, 1926
  • Biddle House, Palm Beach,1926
  • Bath and Tennis Club, Palm Beach, Florida, July 1926
  • Ziegfeld Theatre, 1926–27
  • St. Regis Hotel Roof Garden, 1927–1928
  • Hotel Gibson Roof Garden, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1928
  • Bossert Hotel, Grill Room, Brooklyn, 1928
  • Bedell Department Store, New York City, 1928
  • William Penn Hotel, Pittsburgh, 1928, 1932
  • (Hearst) International Magazine Building, 1928–1929
  • Central Park Casino, 1929
  • Metropolitan Museum of Art 11th annual exhibition of American Industrial Art, 1929
  • The Gingerbread Castle Hamburg NJ, 1929
  • New School for Social Research NYC, 1929–1931
  • Atlantic Beach Club, Long Island, NY, 1930–1931
  • Park Avenue Restaurant, 1931
  • Congress Hotel, Joseph Urban Room, Chicago, Illinois, 1932
  • Omni William Penn Hotel, Urban Room Pittsburgh, PA, 1929
  • Katherine Brush Apartment, 1933

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