Jon Poole - History - God Damn Whores and Solo Work (2005-present)

God Damn Whores and Solo Work (2005-present)

After leaving The Wildhearts in 2005, Poole created the God Damn Whores, a glam-punk/hard rock band centred around himself as lead vocalist and guitarist. The band has a flexible lineup which Poole describes as "just me and anyone else who happens to be available." At various times The God Damn Whores has featured Ginger, Wolfsbane guitarist Jase Edwards, Chris Catalyst (The Sisters of Mercy/Eureka Machines) and Ginger's drummer Denzel. God Damn Whores have supported both Cardiacs and The Wildhearts on tour.

The band's first album, We Are The Lucky Thirteen, was released on Round Records. Poole has described this recording as "just meant to be a bit of fun" and has stated that it will be entirely eclipsed by the follow-up (due in 2010) which is "a very tribal/glam/psychedelic affair."

On 19th October 2012, Jon launched a new God Damn Whores album and a solo album on PledgeMusic . As of 29 December 2012, both these albums had been released in digital form, with the CD versions due for release in March 2013.

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