Jolt Cola - Jolt Energy

Jolt Energy

Since 2009, Jolt Cola and related flavors have been rebranded as Jolt Energy. Jolt Energy Drink comes in five flavors: Power Cola, Orange Burst, Wired Grape, Blue Bolt (blue raspberry) and Blue Zero Carb. The Cherry Bomb, Silver and Passionfruit flavors have been discontinued while the diet Ultra flavor has been replaced with the Blue Zero Carb diet blue raspberry flavor.

Jolt Cola is still packaged in glass bottles under license by the 7 Up bottling company of California. These are sold on the West Coast, where laws are stricter to encourage use of refillable bottles.

The Jolt Company Inc. (once also known as Wet Planet Beverages) exists as a "sister" company to Boylan Bottling Works and its traditional "flavors" soft drinks. The company is primarily financed by Emigrant Capital of New York.

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