Joint University Programmes Admissions System - Difficulty


Because of the high degree of difficulty of the HKALE and the fixed quota of places in universities in recent years, JUPAS is considered one of the most competitive university application schemes in the world, which media and scholars claim to be only second to the National Higher Education Entrance Examination of China. In 2007, more than 17,000 students met the minimum requirements to enter the degree programmes offered by JUPAS institutes (passing both language subjects, plus 2 AL equivalent subjects in HKALE). However, only about 11,500 applicants were selected to study for a degree at JUPAS institutes in that year, meaning about 35% of the qualified applicants ended up not being offered degree programmes. Moreover, the number of degree programmes offered by JUPAS institutes decreased by 13% between 2002 and 2006 due to many reasons (including the switch from departmental to faculty based admissions), although it rose again slightly in 2007 and 2008 as a result of the addition of the OUHK's programmes.

In comparing the estimated entrance rate between JUPAS and Direct Entry (from sub-degrees), JUPAS still turns out to be significantly higher. Since JUPAS is open to students not already in full-time government-funded degree programmes, this has prompted some students studying for sub-degrees to retake certain subjects to improve their chances of getting into government-funded degree programmes.

The table below was the school candidates achieved minimum Degree Programme requirement compared with JUPAS Degree Programme intakes. Though, the actual percentage is slightly different as either non-school HKALE/HKDSE candidates was admitted, or candidates not entering the degree of Main Round Offer due to result of HKALE appeal (which made them receive a better offer), or, giving up their offer.

Intakes from HKALE and HKCEE (2003-2012)

Intake Year School Candidates Achieved minimum entrance requirement JUPAS Degree Intake from Main Round Offer Deduced percentage for eligible students received offer
2012 18,212 12,289 67.5%
2011 18,347 12,417 67.7%
2010 17,261 12,244 72.1%
2009 17,130 12,038 70.2%
2008 16,992 11,979 70.5%
2007 16,520 11,525 69.8%
2006 15,581 11,294 72.5%
2005 15,557 11,469 73.7%
2004 16,308 11,748 72.0%
2003 16,222 12,273 75.6%


  1. Requirement and offer in above table stands for degree-level programme(including OUHK self-financed programme from 2006 intake)/requirement.
  2. The list does not include Early Admission Scheme intakes and Sub-degree Offers.

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