Johnny Zacchara - Storylines - 2012—


On January 23, 2012 Sonny reveals to Johnny that he is really the biological son of Gino Soleito and that Claudia, whom he'd spent his whole life believing was his sister, was actually his biological mother. At the charity event in February 2012 at the Metro Court, Sonny announces to everyone that Claudia was Johnny's mother. Sonny is arrested for shooting out Anthony Zacchara's tires, causing the car accident that killed Cole Thornhart and Hope Manning. Johnny agrees to help Detective Delores Padilla find her sister's killer in exchange for information on the case, and also blackmails Steve Webber with what he did in Memphis. In March 2012 Johnny begins a sexual relationship with Carly Corinthos Jacks and in April 2012 the couple goes public with their relationship. However, Johnny sleeps with Connie (Kate's alternate personality) while Sonny walks in and later Carly. Carly, betrayed by Johnny, seduces Sonny, but Sonny backs off. Sonny tells Carly he thinks there is more to the story with Kate. Carly later dumps Johnny. Later on, Johnny buys a recording contract for Starr after Starr reveals her original producer was a crook and used the money from the record deal for adult films. Johnny shoots and kills Anthony after revealing that Johnny was the one who caused the accident that killed Hope and Cole and had Kate's alter Connie take the fall. After a long time of giving Carly roses and flowers, Johnny gives her a nice, expensive bracelet that Carly had shown him, and with a lot of thought, Carly finally forgives him. In his head, he can hear his dead father, Anthony, talk to him and is going a bit crazy after he buys half of The Haunted Star for a night club, a partnership with his ex-girlfriend, Lulu. Carly says once there's a special bond between two people, it never really goes away, but she knows he really wants this night, and she really trusts him, but Lulu's police officer husband is not happy with it. Johnny is now being haunted by Anthony Zacchara and Hope Manning-Thornhart for their deaths (he shot Anthony point blank and got rid of his corpse, and killed Hope -along with her father- when he shot out Anthony's tires). Kate's alter Connie blackmails Johnny into marrying her and announces it at Sonny and Kate's wedding in October 2012. Johnny confessed to the murder in January 2013 and revealed that Todd switched Sam Morgan's baby with Tea Delgado's. Johnny is sentenced to 20 years in Pentonville Prison but before being transferred he gives Starr Manning his share of the haunted star.

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