John Wyndham, 6th Baron Leconfield

John Edward Reginald Wyndham, 6th Baron Leconfield, 1st Baron Egremont, MBE (5 June 1920 – 6 June 1972), was a British peer.

John Wyndham was the son of Edward Scawen Wyndham, 5th Baron Leconfield, and Gladys Mary Farquhar, and a direct descendant of Sir John Wyndham. He served as Private Secretary to Harold Macmillan in various appointments that the latter held between 1940 and 1945, then again in 1955 when Macmillan was Foreign Secretary, and finally during his time as Prime Minister from 1957 to 1963. He was also a Trustee of the Wallace Collection between 1953 and 1972. In 1963, four years prior to succeeding his father as Baron Leconfield, he was raised to the peerage in his own right in Macmillan's resignation honors as Baron Egremont, of Petworth in the County of Sussex. This was a revival of the Egremont title held by his ancestors the Earls of Egremont.

Lord Leconfield and Egremont married his second cousin once removed, Pamela Wyndham-Quin, daughter of the Hon. Valentine Wyndham-Quin and great-granddaughter of the Hon. Blanche Julia Wyndham, daughter of George Wyndham, 1st Baron Leconfield, in 1947. He died in June 1972, aged 52, and was succeeded in the baronies by his eldest son Max. Macmillan wrote the entry on him for the Dictionary of National Biography and dedicated his War Diaries (1984) to him

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