John Sheridan (Babylon 5) - Character History - Later Years

Later Years

Sheridan led the Alliance from Babylon 5 for the first year. When the Alliance headquarters in the Minbari city of Tuzanor were complete, Sheridan moved to Minbar. He led the Alliance from there for over a decade. Just before moving to Minbar, Sheridan and Delenn learned that Delenn was pregnant. Despite the fact that the baby's human heritage could lead to danger, Delenn was able to carry the baby to term. The couple named their son David.

In Babylon 5: The Lost Tales, while en route to Babylon 5 for a celebration of the Alliance's 10 year anniversary, Sheridan met Vintari, the son of the notorious Centauri emperor Cartagia. In a dream, the technomage Galen warned him that in thirty years Vintari would launch a terrible military campaign to destroy Earth, and only his death at Sheridan's hands could stop him for sure. Sheridan chose a different path, allowing Vintari to fly in a Starfury beside him as he had always dreamed, and inviting him to stay in the Alliance's headquarters, safe from assassination attempts which were becoming increasingly common in the Centauri royal court. In this way, he hoped to show Vintari the concept of kindness for its own sake, rather than the quid pro quo nature of assistance common on Centauri Prime. In 2279, Sheridan declined reelection to the Presidency. His wife Delenn became the second President of the Alliance, while Sheridan turned his efforts to leading the Anla'Shok.

In the final episode, "Sleeping in Light", set in the year 2281, Sheridan knew that the 20 years he had been given by Lorien were almost over. He had his friends - Ivanova, Garibaldi, Franklin, and Centauri Emperor Cotto - come to his home for one last reunion. Just before their meeting, Franklin found that Sheridan only had a short time left. The next morning, Sheridan left his home and his wife for the last time. He traveled alone to Babylon 5 to see the station one last time. He learned that the station was about to be shut down and demolished. Zack Allan - who had also been invited to the reunion but hadn't received the invitation - visited Sheridan. Sheridan learned that Allan had reenlisted a few months ago and returned to Babylon 5, which resulted in the Ranger carrying his invitation being unable to find him on Earth. Sheridan realized that he was coming to the end. He then traveled alone to Coriana 6, where he was taken beyond the galactic rim by Lorien. His empty ship was later recovered, but his body was never found. Some Minbari believed that he would eventually return, but neither his friends nor his family ever saw him again.

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