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Academics and Clergy

  • John Lynch (Dean of Canterbury) (1697–1760), Anglican priest
  • John Lynch (historian) (born 1927), historian of the Spanish American revolutions
  • John Lynch (linguist) (born 1946), professor at the University of the South Pacific in Port Vila, Vanuatu
  • John Lynch (Gratianus Lucius) (1599?–1677?), historian and Archdeacon of Tuam
  • John Joseph Lynch (1816–1888), Roman Catholic bishop and archbishop of Toronto

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    Burn Ovid with the rest. Lovers will find
    A hedge-school for themselves and learn by heart
    All that the clergy banish from the mind,
    Austin Clarke (1896–1974)

    Almost all scholarly research carries practical and political implications. Better that we should spell these out ourselves than leave that task to people with a vested interest in stressing only some of the implications and falsifying others. The idea that academics should remain “above the fray” only gives ideologues license to misuse our work.
    Stephanie Coontz (b. 1944)