John Floyd (Virginia Politician)

John Floyd (April 24, 1783 – August 17, 1837) was a Virginia politician and soldier. He represented Virginia in the United States House of Representatives and later served as the 25th Governor of Virginia.

During his career in the House of Representatives, Floyd was an advocate of settling the Oregon Territory, unsuccessfully arguing on its behalf from 1820 until he left Congress in 1829; the area did not become a territory of the United States until 1848.

In 1832, Floyd received votes for the Presidency of the United States, running in the Nullifier Party. He carried South Carolina and its 11 electoral votes. While governor of Virginia, the Nat Turner slave rebellion occurred and Floyd initially supported emancipation of slavery, but eventually went with the majority. His term as governor saw economic prosperity for the state.

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... In 1832,Floyd'sdaughter,Mrs Letitia Floyd Lewis,converted to Catholicism,and owing to her prominence,caused a sensation throughout the state"of Virginia ... Then followed other family members,including Floyd himself after he left office as governor ... The conversion of the Floyd and Johnston families led into the Catholic Church other members of the most distinguished families of the South" ...

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