John A. Russo (politician) - Seat Belt Sting

Seat Belt Sting

In 2007, Russo was caught in a law enforcement campaign to catch seat belt scofflaws. Russo was ticketed and the incident ended up in the local media.

In a San Francisco Chronicle interview, Russo acknowledged that he wasn't wearing his seat belt when he was pulled over by officers at about 5:30 p.m. on Piedmont Avenue in Oakland. He said he had been distracted as he left the popular Fentons Creamery with his twin 8-year-old sons in the back seat of his 2004 Honda Civic hybrid.

In response to the ticket, a tongue-in-cheek Public Service Announcement was produced with Russo, his twin sons, and a friend, to contribute to the national law enforcement PR campaign, "Click it or Ticket" which included a video posted to YouTube and an ad that appeared among other locations, the Oakland BART station.

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