Johann Jakob Stehlin

Johann Jakob Stehlin (January 20, 1803 – December 18, 1879) was a Swiss politician of the Free Democratic Party.

Born in Basel, Stehlin was mayor of that city from 1858 to 1868. He also represented the canton Basel-City in the National Council, which he presided over in 1858/59 and 1867/68, and in the Council of States.

On 11 July 1885, Stehlin was elected to the Swiss Federal Council to succeed the deceased Josef Munzinger. The next day, he declined the election, becoming the first of five Councillor-elects (as of 2008) to do so. Josef Martin Knüsel was elected in his place on 14 July.

Two of Stehlin's sons also acquired renown: Karl Rudolf Stehlin, also a member of the Council of States, and Johann Jakob Stehlin junior, a noted architect.