Joel Hayward

Joel Hayward

Joel S.A. Hayward (born 1964), is a New Zealand-born "noted scholar of war and strategy" and writer and poet who has worked in New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United Arab Emirates. He is best known for his published books and articles on strategic matters, including the use of air power, his 2003 biography of Horatio Lord Nelson, and his writing and teaching on the Quranic (Islamic) concepts of war. In November 2012 he became Professor of International and Civil Security at Khalifa University in Abu Dhabi. Earlier in 2012, he was a Senior Fellow at the Markfield Institute of Higher Education and a Research Fellow of the Cambridge Muslim College. His career highlights include having been Dean of the Royal Air Force College, Cranwell for five years (2007-2011), a Director of the Royal Air Force Centre for Air Power Studies think-tank for four years (2008-2012), and the academic Head of Air Power Studies at King's College London for six years (2005-2011). He is a Professor of Strategy at the Indonesian Defense University and he holds fellowships from the United States Air Force and the Federal Government of Germany.

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