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Emei Sect

Guo Xiang founds the Emei Sect and she is the only person who knows the secret in the Heaven Reliant Sword. The mystery is only passed down from the sect's leader to her successor. A century later, Zhou Zhiruo succeeds Miejue as leader of Emei and she is tasked with retrieving the hidden scrolls in the sword. Zhou breaks the sword by clashing it against the Dragon Slaying Saber and obtains the Nine Yin Manual hidden in the sword's blade. She follows the shortcuts inscribed on the manual in her practice and masters the Nine Yin White Bone Claw, Heart Shattering Palm, and White Boa Whip Skill, just like Mei Chaofeng had done before her. Zhou also teaches the Wudang Sect's renegade Song Qingshu the Nine Yin White Bone Claw.

Zhou encounters the Yellow Dress Maiden, a descendant of the Condor Hero Couple (Yang Guo and Xiaolongnü), while wreaking havoc in the jianghu after Zhang Wuji betrayed her love. The Maiden uses an orthodox version of the Nine Yin Manuals skills against Zhou and defeated her easily. Later when Zhou is injured by the Xuanming Elders' Xuanming Divine Palm (玄明神掌), Zhang Wuji uses his Nine Yang Divine Skill to heal her but it negates her Nine Yin Inner Energy.

Years before Zhou found the Nine Yin Manual, Chang Yuchun of the Ming Cult was wounded by a monk working for the Yuan government, who used the Heart Shattering Palm on him. Chang's injury was so serious that he only managed to live until the age of 39.

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