Jitney may refer to:

  • an archaic name for a nickel (United States coin)
  • a share taxi
  • a dollar van
  • jitney cab, an illegal taxicab operation
  • Atlantic City Jitney Association, an association of operators of minibus service in Atlantic City, New Jersey, USA
  • Jitney (play), written by August Wilson
  • an ad-hoc game usually played by teams drawn just before the game, sometimes associated with lawn bowling or darts.

Other articles related to "jitney":

Sala Udin - Theatrical Work
... work is that when he starred as Becker in the August Wilson play Jitney in October 1982 at the Allegheny Repertory Theatre ... is well established to the community, as a proprietor of a jitney stand ... Jitney was Wilson's first play in his 10-cycle play, and it overlooks at least three generations ...
Hampton Jitney - In Popular Culture
... and The City, the four main characters travel to The Hamptons on the Hampton Jitney, where Carrie Bradshaw described it as "like the bus to summer camp, only instead of singing songs, everyone speaks on ... Natasha came home unexpectedly from the Hamptons and said "I took the Jitney home" only to find that Carrie was in the apartment, not her husband ... Borrowed by Emily Giffin makes a reference to the Jitney when main character Rachael takes it back to Manhattan from the Hamptons because she has to work ...
William Bonner Mc Carty - Jitney Jungle
... Jitney Jungle was a chain of supermarkets that got its start in Jackson, Mississippi, in 1919 ... By 1992, Jitney Jungle had over 100 stores under several names ... In 2000, Winn-Dixie acquired Jitney Jungle and Delchamps, and rebranded the stores to Winn-Dixie ...
Jitney Jungle - Origins
... to change over to cash-and-carry, and after he returned from the war, they opened the first Jitney Jungle on East Capitol Street in Jackson on 19 April 1919 ... The three patented the Jitney Jungle concept in 1920, but were soon hit with a patent infringement lawsuit brought by Piggly Wiggly ... The Supreme Court found in Jitney Jungle's favor ...