Jinggangshan (simplified Chinese: 井冈山; traditional Chinese: 井岡山) may refer to the following in Jiangxi, China:

  • Jinggangshan Mountains
  • Jinggangshan City (井冈山市), county-level city of Ji'an
  • Jinggangshan Airport (井冈山机场), in Luoxi, Taihe County, mainly serving Ji'an and the Jinggangshan Area

Other articles related to "jinggangshan":

Jinggangshan University
... Jinggangshan University (Chinese 井冈山大学 pinyin Jǐnggāngshān Dàxué) is located at the Ji'an city of Jiangxi province in China ... Ji'an is located in the foot of Jinggangshan Mountains ...
Yuan Wencai - Death
... the communists were finally able to retake Jinggangshan ... When Zhu De visited Jinggangshan in 1962 and Mao Zedong in 1965, both called upon Yuan Wencai's elderly widow Xie Meixiang (謝梅香) ... In 1986, his grave was moved to the newly constructed Jinggangshan Martyrs Cemetery ...
Jinggangshan University - History
... Jinggangshan University was established in 1958 in the Jinggangshan Mountains.Chinese Communist Party Chairman Mao Zedong and his colleagues established ... In 1978, to initiate the Jinggangshan University, Branch of Jiangxi Normal University and Jiangxi Medical University in Jinggangshan was joint together. 1982, and the March 1993, they were renamed respectively 'Jinggangshan Teacher College' and 'Jinggangshan Medical School" ...
Wang Zuo - Joining Mao Zedong
... village of Yongxin (永新) county, just north of Jinggangshan, with the remnants from the abortive Autumn Harvest Uprising, and sent letters to both Yuan Wencai and Wang Zuo to ask ... As winter approached, Mao withdrew from his forward base of Maoping to defend Jinggangshan from Dajing ... Jinggangshan had meanwhile been overrun by landlord militia and had to be reconquered ...