Jin Zhun - Coup Against Liu Can

Coup Against Liu Can

After Liu Cong died in summer 318, Liu Can succeeded to the throne, and proceeded to spend day and night committing adultery with his father's four surviving empresses -- one of which was Jin Zhun's daughter Jin Yuehua. Jin hatched a plan to overthrow Liu Can, and managed to persuade, with the help of his two daughters (Empress Dowager Jin and Empress Jin) that several imperial princes and high level officials were conspiring against him. With Liu Can's approval, those imperial princes and high level officials were executed. Jin Zhun became in control of government, and, after putting his cousins Jin Ming (靳明) and Jin Kang (靳康) in command of the armies, carried out a coup against Liu Can, capturing and executing him. He then massacred all members of the imperial Liu clan that he could capture -- regardless of gender or age. He also dug up the graves of Liu Cong and the founding emperor, Liu Yuan, and burned the Han Zhao imperial temple.

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