J.H. Hennan

James Havelock Hennan was a veterinary surgeon and the eighteenth Mayor of the Village of Elkhorn. Born September 2, 1888 in the Rural Municipality of Stanley, Dr. Hennan married Eva Letitia Kerr October 29, 1919. The couple moved to Elkhorn in 1920 where he practised veterinary medicine for the next 45 years. The couple raised 3 children; two boys and a girl.

Dr. Hennan played an active role in community life serving many of the village's institutions. He and his wife sang in the United Church Choir and he played in the Elkhorn Brass Band. He served as President of Branch No. 58 of the Royal Canadian Legion and the Elkhorn Agricultural Society in addition to active membership on the Chamber of Commerce. Hennan also sat as a trustee of the school board. He became Mayor in 1965 and retired as a veterinarian shortly thereafter. He is one of the few people to have ever been elected mayor without prior experience on the village council. Dr. Hennan died in 1975.

Name Hennan, James Havelock
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Date of birth 1888
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Date of death 1975
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