Jet Harris - Members of Pre-Shadows Groups

Members of Pre-Shadows Groups

1952 - School band
  • Peter Newman (saxophone) + John Welsh (clarinet) + Jet Harris (bass) + Ray Edmunds (drums)
1956 - The Delinquents (jazz trio)
1956-57 - Wee Willee Harris & Tony Crombie's Rockets
  • ? (vocals) + ? (guitar) + Jet Harris (bass) + Tony Crombie (drums)
1958 - The Vipers (aka The Vipers Skiffle Group)
  • 7" single (Liverpool Blues/Summertime Blues on Parlophone)
  • Wally Whyton (vocals) + Johnny Booker (guitar) + Freddie Floyd (guitar) + Jet Harris (bass) + Tony Meehan (drums)
  • 1958 - The Vipers - live concert
  • Wally Whyton (vocals) + Johnny Booker (guitar) + Hank Marvin (guitar) + Jet Harris (bass) + Johnny Pilgrim (wb)

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