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Chōjin Sentai Jetman - Characters - Sky Force - Mecha
... Jet Icarus (ジェットイカロス, Jetto Ikarosu?) A giant robot formed with all five Jet Machine fighter jets by the command "Fusion! Scram Wing ... Icaros Akkusu?), Icarus Magna (イカロスマグナ, Ikarosu Maguna?), Jet Lancer (ジェットランサー, Jetto Ransā?), Jet Dagger (ジェットダガー, Jetto Dag ... the Icarus Haken (イカロスハーケン, Ikarosu Hāken?) when the command of "Fusion! Jet Scram" (合体! ジェットスクラム, Gattai! Jetto Sukuramu?) is given, and its ultimate attack is the Jet Phoenix ...
Chōjin Sentai Jetman - Characters - Others
... as it goes on the rampage across the city while defeating Jet Icarus until the Bird Garuda intervenes and freezes the monster ... However, once the monster breaks out, it defeats Jet Garuda before leaving to heal its wounds ... Enlarging, Gorg battles Jet Icarus and Jet Garuda until the Tetra Boy arrives and defeat the demon ...

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    Gimme the Plaza, the jet and $150 million, too.
    Headline, New York Post (Feb. 13, 1990)