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While completing a graduate degree at Wheaton College (Illinois) in Interpersonal Development, he developed a youth program to city teens in Chicago, IL. He later did the same in Indiana Wesleyan University while completing a second B.S. (History), founding the J.C. Body Shop—a Christian youth center. He then moved to Miami University for a second M.A. (Tudor-Stuart History) and a Ph.D. (Ancient History), holding a full fellowship and was a student of Dr.Edwin Yamauchi. From 1989-97 he taught history at Azusa Pacific University, where he helped to launch the Common Day of Learning, The Pew Honors Society, and the Night of Champions. In 1996 he served as Director of Education for The Scriptorium: Center for Christian Antiquities established by the late multi-millionaire financeer Robert Van Kampen. He helped facilitate the Scriptorium's two international conferences held at Van Kampen's former Hampton Court Manor House, in Herefordshire, co-sponsored with the British Library. During his time at The Scriptorium, Pattengale also acted as liaison in local middle school classrooms that were participating in The Scriptorium's Odyssey in Egypt online archaeological education program, a multi-variegated virtual curriculum that linked the young students to the excavation and its staff. The program generated millions of hits through its association with Sloman’s “Day in the Life of” series and received international recognition. In 2007, he served as a consultant for Lee Strobel’s film The Case for Christ (produced by Peter Schockey). He has served Indiana Wesleyan University, predecessor to Marion College, his alma mater, in academic administration since 1997, most recently as Assistant Provost for Public Engagement. He is also a non-resident Senior Fellow at Baylor University's Center for the Studies of Religion, associated with the Green Collection.

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