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Characters On Muhan Dojeon

With a huge success of "No-brain Survival", he eventually become an official member of top-rating comic variety programme Muhan Dojeon (Infinite Challenge) since March 2006. Soon, he has been re-created his character as a "Super-Fatty" (뚱뚱보), in contrast of the former "Fatty" (뚱보) and his long-time colleague on this programme, Jeong Hyeong-don. He also has a physical character called "The Helmet", due to the extraordinary size (roughly 8 kg) of his head. Recently, he gained a new nickname. 눈치없는 형. The nickname was given because, often, he doesn't realize the situation and brings the mood down by corny jokes or phrases. "Alcohol CEO" is also his nickname on this programme, from a fact that he operates a Garaoke-pub in Gangnam-gu, Seoul called "Mong" (몽, 夢, means "Dream" in Korean).

Just before becoming an official member, he participated on the episode of Season 1 (S01E21) as a guest challenger. During that episode, he ate a bowl of hot Garak-guksu within 12 seconds(first step was 13 seconds). After succession of eating within 60 seconds, all of the challengers were fully respected to him. That scene has brought a new character called "The God of Eating" (Korean: Sik-sin 식신, 食神). During the episode of S03E50 (Season 3's 50th episode celebrating challenges), only his mission to eat 50 small dishes of Garak-guksu (within 300 seconds) was accomplished.

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