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Notable Chess Games

  • Johann Nepomuk Berger vs Jean Taubhausen, Hamburg 1885, 4th DSB Congress, Ruy Lopez, Morphy Defense, Tarrasch Variation, C77, 0-1 The best game prize !
  • Jean Taubhausen vs Joseph Henry Blackburne, London 1886, French Defense, Classical Variation, C14, 1-0
  • Jean Taubenhaus vs William Pollock, Nottingham 1886, King's Gambit Accepted, Allgaier Gambit, Thorold Attack, C39, 1-0
  • Jean Taubenhaus vs Dawid Janowski, Paris 1903, match, Ruy Lopez, Closed, C87, ½–½
  • Geza Maroczy vs Jean Taubenhaus, Monte Carlo 1903, R1 2/10, Ruy Lopez, Closed, Averbakh Variation, C87, 0-1
  • Jean Taubenhaus vs Andrey Smorodsky, Sankt Petersburg 1914, Sicilian Defense, Classical Variation, B58, 1-0

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