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Jean McConville was abducted from her home in December 1972 by twelve IRA members, comprising both men and women, who brought her to an unknown location. There they killed her with a single bullet to the back of the head, allegedly making her kneel down before shooting her. Among her abductors was Dolours Price, who has claimed that she did so on the orders of Gerry Adams. Mrs McConville's body was buried secretly on a beach in County Louth, approximately 50 miles from her home. The IRA did not admit their involvement until over twenty years later, when they passed information on the whereabouts of the body. After a prolonged search, co-ordinated by the Garda Síochána - during which the search area and time involved was expanded by the Gardaí - the search was abandoned, as no body could be located in the area specified by the IRA.

In August 2003, her body was accidentally found by members of the public while they were walking on Shelling Hill beach. Jean McConville was buried beside her husband Arthur in Holy Trinity graveyard, Lisburn, County Antrim.

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