Japanese Destroyer Shigure

Japanese Destroyer Shigure

Shigure (時雨, ”Late Rains”?) was the second of ten Shiratsuyu-class destroyers, and the first to be built for the Imperial Japanese Navy under the Circle One Program (Maru Ichi Keikaku). Along with the destroyer Yukikaze, she developed a reputation within the Imperial Japanese Navy for being "lucky" or "unsinkable", emerging as the sole surviving Japanese warship from numerous battles.

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Japanese Destroyer Shigure - Operational History
... At the time of the attack on Pearl Harbor, Shigure was assigned to Destroyer Division 27 of Destroyer Squadron 1 of the IJN 1st Fleet on anti-submarine warfare patrols in Japanese home waters and to assist in ... In early 1942, Shigure was assigned to convoy escort duties, escorting Zuihō to Davao, and Shōkaku, and Zuikaku to Truk ... At the Battle of the Coral Sea on 7 May, Shigure was part of the escort for Admiral Takeo Takagi’s Strike Force and at the Battle of Midway on 4–6 ...

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