January 2008 Tornado Outbreak Sequence - Tornadoes Confirmed - January 8 Event

January 8 Event

List of reported tornadoes – Tuesday, January 8, 2008
Time (UTC)
Path length
EF1 NE of Washburn Barry 0822 7 miles
(11 km)
Several structures and trees damaged.
EF1 E of Cassville Barry, Stone 0831 14 miles
(22 km)
Several poultry barns were damaged, along with numerous sheds and outbuildings.
EF1 Springfield Greene 0837 1 mile
(1.6 km)
Spotter reported tornado on the ground in central Springfield that moved across the northern part of the downtown area near Chestnut Expressway and Sherman Avenue. A warehouse owned by the Harry S. Cooper Supply Company collapsed.
EF1 Highlandville Christian 0850 5 miles
(8 km)
Tornado tracked through town damaging several roofs and destroying numerous outbuildings.
EF0 S of Branson Taney 0901 100 yds
(90 m)
Brief tornado touchdown in the Thousand Hills Resort. Three condominiums were damaged.
EF0 SW of Bracken to SW of Susanna Webster 0916 7 miles
(11.2 km)
Weak tree and structure damage
EF0 SW of Tigris to SE of Mount Zion Douglas 0917 10 miles
(16 km)
Barns and outbuildings were damaged or destroyed
EF2 S of Niangua Webster 0918 5 miles
(8 km)
Several homes and outbuildings were destroyed
EF1 SW of Mountain Grove Douglas 0943 1.5 miles
(2.4 km)
One mobile home was torn from its foundation. A barn and some outbuildings were damaged. Significant tree damage.
EF1 SE of Dawson to SE of Bado Wright, Texas 0945 12 miles
(19.2 km)
A few barns and outbuildings were damaged
EF0 W of West Plains Howell 1020 unknown Brief tornado touchdown reported.
EF1 SW of Eminence Shannon 1027 1.5 miles
(2.4 km)
Numerous trees were snapped or uprooted, but no structures impacted.
EF1 NE of Eminence Shannon 1038 10 miles
(16 km)
Two barns and a garage were destroyed, and another barn was damaged. Widespread tree damage. Initially were two separate tornado tracks
EF0 SW of Alton Oregon 1059 1 mile
(1.6 km)
Significant damage reported to three industrial buildings along Route 19.
EF1 NE of Essex Stoddard 1840 4.2 miles
(6.8 km)
A shed and three outbuildings destroyed and a house was damaged. About 10 power poles snapped.
EF2 Appleton area Pope, Conway, Van Buren 1440 20.5 miles
(33 km)
1 death – Major structural damage reported in the area, with 10 houses destroyed and about 40 others damaged. Many other buildings were damaged or destroyed, including a church. Significant tree damage also reported. Two others were injured by the tornado.
EF0 SE of Princedale to SE of Twist Cross 1926 11 miles
(17.6 km)
A mobile home lost its roof, farm water rig pivots were blown over and trees and power lines were knocked down
EF1 S of Deckerville Poinsett 1952 250 yds
(225 m)
Brief touchdown damaged two houses and destroyed a shed.
EF1 S of Osceola Mississippi 2020 3.5 miles
(5.6 km)
Several houses sustained roof damaged. Several people were trapped but rescued.
EF1 Poplar Grove area Lauderdale, Dyer 2058 7 miles
(11 km)
Several houses were severely damaged and one mobile home was destroyed. Extensive tree damage.
EF0 S of Church Hill Jefferson 2130 4 miles
(6.4 km)
Tornado remained in a rural area but tree damage reported along the Natchez Trace Parkway.
EF1 Harrisville area Simpson 2337 20 miles
(32 km)
Long-track tornado damaged several houses, including roofs blown off at least two houses. Widespread tree damage along the track.
EF0 SE of Puckett Rankin 0011 unknown One house suffered shingle damage and some tree damage reported.

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