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Numbered asteroids discovered given permanent names: 25


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Asteroid Names
Number Name Meaning Discovered Notes
78577 JPL Named for the NASA facility where Young was employed from 1962 to 2009. September 10, 2002
84882 Table Mountain Named for Young's actual work place Table Mountain Observatory, near Wrightwood, California. February 1, 2003
90525 Karijanberg Named for Young's wife, Karen (1953-) and her parents, Richard (1928–1978) and Janet (1932–1997). March 17, 2004
95939 Thagnesland Named for Young’s maternal grandparents, Thaddeus (1866–1921) and Agnes (1877–1961) Vreeland. May 30, 2003
114239 Bermarmi Named for Young’s parents, Bernard (1911–1988) and Mary (1912–1996), and well as his brother, Michael (1937-). November 21, 2002
115312 Whither Named for Whitney and Heather Young, granddaughters of James Young; two children of son, Jeffrey. September 19, 2003
115477 Brantanica Named for Brandon, Brittany and Monica, grandchildren of James Young, and the three children of daughter, Jennifer. October 19, 2003
115891 Scottmichael Named for Scott and Michael, grandchildren of James Young, two children of son, Jeffrey. November 14, 2003
116446 McDermid Named for Stuart McDermid (1952-), a JPL Science Division senior research scientist responsible for development of the LIDAR facility at Table Mountain Observatory for atmospheric analysis studies. January 5, 2004
120038 Franlainsher Named for Young's first wife, Frances (1944-) and her sister, Elaine (1947-) Fisher. January 26, 2003
120174 Jeffjenny Named for Young's first children (with Frances), Jeffrey (1966-) and Jennifer (1967-). May 23, 2003
128297 Ashlevi Named for Ashlie Philpott and Levi Lemley, grandchildren of James Young, and children of daughter, Eileen. December 13, 2003
133280 Bryleen Named for Young's second set of children (with Karen), Bryan (1976-) and Eileen (1979-). September 18, 2003
133527 Fredearly Named for Young's paternal grandparents, Frederick (1889–1974) and Pearl Young (1888–1958). October 5, 2003
142084 Jamesdaniel Named for James (1951–1978) and Daniel (1957-), the two sons of Bob and Hazel Sealy. August 26, 2002
144692 Katemary Named for Young's granddaughter, Katelyn Anne Marie Young, the daughter of Jim's son, Bryan. April 9, 2004
147397 Bobhazel Named for Bob (1927–2002) and Hazel (1930-) Sealy, longtime residents of Seaside, Oregon. The Sealy family were, in part, very instrumental in Jim Young's long astronomy career starting from Jim's annual summer vacations in Seaside. Bob Sealy was an amateur astronomer, and started the Seaside Amateur Astronomer's club, as well as taught astronomy classes at the Clatsop County College in Astoria, Oregon. Hazel Sealy was very active in the Miss Oregon Pageant in the 1950s and 60s, and still is an active member of local community affairs. James Sealy tragically lost his life in a boating accident in the ocean waters just outside of Seaside in 1978. Daniel is an amateur astronomer, ham radio operator, and community member while residing in Astoria, Oregon, along with his wife and two children. March 30, 2003
150035 Williamson Named for Bruce Williamson (1953-), machinist at the Table Mountain Facility. November 20, 2005
158899 Malloryvale Named for Mallory Vale (1986-), a 2004 summer student at Table Mountain Observatory, who will be graduating from Northern Arizona University with a BS degree in astronomy in the Spring of 2009. August 17, 2004
163626 Glatfelter Named for Pam Glatfelter (1955-), the operational site manager for the Table Mountain Facility. October 27, 2002 outer main-belt asteroid
185641 Judd Named for Michele Judd (1965-), a Senior Engineer of JPL's Science Division who left JPL in 2008 to become the Managing Director of the Keck Institute for Space Studies at Caltech. March 5, 2008
198110 Heathrhoades Named for Heath Rhoades (1972-), the telescope computer network administrator and programmer at Table Mountain Observatory. September 17, 2004
201777 Deronda Named for Deronda Mayes (1957-), assistant astronomer at Table Mountain Observatory. November 24, 2003
116903 Jeromeapt Named for Jerome (Jay) Apt (1949-), Former director of JPL's Table Mountain Observatory, retired NASA astronaut who flew 4 missions

on the International Space Station, and currently a professor at Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburg, Pennsylvania.

April 11, 2004
221019 Raine Named for Raine Ann Krecic (2011-), granddaughter of James Young, and child of daughter, Eileen. August 13, 2005