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  • Eric Nicol (1953). Twice over lightly. Illustrated by James Simpkins. Toronto: Ryerson Press. p. 156. OCLC 876136.
  • Stuart Hemsley (1954). Beastly Ballads. Illustrated by James Simpkins. Toronto: Burns and MacEachern. p. 63. OCLC 61654667.
  • Eric Nicol (1955). Shall we join the ladies?. Illustrated by James Simpkins. Toronto: Ryerson Press. p. 156. OCLC 25443171.
  • Eric Nicol (1957). Girdle me a globe. Illustrated by James Simpkins. Toronto: Ryerson Press. p. 134. OCLC 63784.
  • Eric Nicol (1959). In darkest Domestica. Illustrated by James Simpkins. Toronto: Ryerson Press. p. 113. OCLC 6217822.
  • Dudley Copland (1965). Ookpik the Ogling Arctic Owl. Illustrated by James Simpkins. Montreal: Canadian Century Publishers. p. 44. OCLC 49021775.
  • Betty Sanders Garner (1976). Canada's Monsters. Illustrated by James Simpkins and John MacLeod; Initials by Laura Piotrowski. Hamilton: Potlach Publications. p. 95. ISBN 0-919676-06-5.
  • Eleanor A. Ellis (1979). Northern cookbook. Illustrated by James Simpkins. Edmonton: Hurtig Publishers. p. 358. ISBN 0-88830-178-2.

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