James Henry Lane (Union General)

James Henry Lane (Union General)

James Henry Lane also known as Jim Lane (June 22, 1814 – July 11, 1866) was a partisan during the Bleeding Kansas period that immediately preceded the American Civil War. During the war, Lane served as a United States Senator and as a general who fought for the Union. Although reelected as a Senator in 1865, Lane committed suicide the following year.

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James Henry Lane (Union General) - Death and Legacy
... Lane had survived many hardships in his life,including fighting in the Mexican-American War and the Civil War ... But on July 1,1866 he shot himself in the head as he jumped from his carriage in Leavenworth,Kansas ... He was allegedly deranged,depressed,had been charged with abandoning his fellow Radical Republicans and had been accused of financial irregularities ...

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