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  1. According to the Jamatia customary laws the death is regarded into two types: -
    1. Natural death
    2. Unnatural death. In case of any death, all the Luku families and relatives are informed.
  2. After arrival of all relatives, warm water is made and the dead body is bathed and dressed with new clothes, ri-khorok, garlanded and placed on Talai and decorated and Maikhlai (Meal) is offered bided farewell by all present.
  3. The dead body is lifted by the Santais and seven rounds are made and all offspring of the deceased are made to roll on the ground and the body is taken to the Simalwng (cremation place) with Sangta.
  4. According to the Jamatia customs, the dead body is placed keeping head towards north side; all descents present go round the dead body from the left side, cross the fire among the descents and sons of the deceased and burnt.
  5. After burning, while leaving the funeral place, Simalwng Noksa (small hut for the rest of the departed soul) is made, one flag is put, knots are made by all the participants, they take bath and return to the house of the deceased person.
  6. On the next day, bones are collected by the selected persons by the Luku Chokdiri, put in the bamboo pipe and brought to the house of the deceased and kept in the bamboo made Kwthwi Khanplai (place where bones are kept).
  7. The funeral ceremony is celebrated, in case of death of a major male, after 12 (twelve) days and 12 nights of death i.e. on the 13th day and in case of death of minor male or female, the funeral function is celebrated after 3 (three) days and 3 nights of death i.e. on the 4th day.
  8. The relatives, in case of 'Santais' 12 days and in case of relatives from female’s side 3 days take complete vegetarian during the days between the death and celebration of funeral function. The son (s) of the deceased person take vegetarian for 13 days.
  9. According to the customs of Jamatias, in case of un-natural death, the funeral ceremony is not performed and no relative takes vegetarian. But the guardian of the deceased person gives feast in the name of deceased person on the auspicious day.
  10. The Ochai, the community priest, performs funeral ceremony.
  11. Not like the earlier days, now "Dan/Dakshina" (donation) of land, cow and rice in funeral function is prohibited. The "Sulo Bidhi-Sulo Dan" (donation) has to be given to Ochai for performing funeral ceremony of worth Rs. 40/- and Ochai Sema (Dhakshina) of Rs.10/- (Total rupees fifty) only.
  12. In Jamatia Community, death anniversary is strictly observed. The Bhuisu Maikhlai (Offering of Lunch to the departed soul) is also observed, preceded by Mai Tokha (Offering of Breakfast to the departed soul) among the Jamatias on the day of Hari Buishu i.e. on the 2nd last day of the year. This is ended with the Lampra Puja performed by the Ochai followed by the community feast.

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