Jamalpur Locomotive Workshop - Achievements


  • Jamalpur workshop is the only workshop in Indian Railways that has a captive Power house of 5 MVA
  • The workshop has a number of FIRSTS in India to its credit., a few of which are:
  • The First to manufacture a steam locomotive and a locomotive boiler – 216 of which were manufactured between 1899 and 1923.
  • The First to have set up a rolling mill not only on the railways, but probably in the country in 1870. It had 3 mills, steam driven Power hammer, fish plate machine, billet shears, the mill was driven by steam from boilers placed on the top of the furnaces and heated by gas from the furnaces. It produced about 400 tons of rounds, channels, angles and fishplates per month.
  • The First to establish a railway foundry in the year 1893.
  • The First to manufacture a rail crane in the country with indigenous know-how in 1961.
  • The First to manufacture high capacity electrical lifting jacks and ticket printing, ticket chopping, ticket slitting and ticket counting machines.
  • The First and the only railway workshop to manufacture electrical arc furnaces of ½ tonne capacity in 1961 for production of steel castings.
  • The First to established Signal Equipment shop, more popularly known as “Points and Crossing and Interlocking shop” was started in 1894. produced entire requirement of Interlocking frames of different sizes for EIR
  • The First and only to manufacture 140 Tonne Diesel Break-down Cranes.

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