Jam Nizamuddin II - Character


It is said that as a young man he was eager to learn, spending much of his time in college and cloisters. He had a good, affectionate temper, was obliging and an industrious person. He was very religious and regular in his prayers and practiced abstinence. In his days mosques were said to be always full at the time of prayers.

According to a story he visited his stables regularly every week and would pass his hand over the forehead of his horses saying "O lucky beings, I do not wish to ride you in order to fight with others, unless to go against Kafirs. On all the four sides of us we have Mussalman rulers. May God never give us any cause other than in accordance with the religious law, to go elsewhere, or others to come here, lest innocent blood of Mussalmans be shed and I be ashamed in the august presence of God."

Jám Nizámuddín and Sultan Hoosain Langah of Multan were befriended even though the latter had sheltered Samma nobles expelled by Jám Nizámuddín.

Jám Nizámuddín was fond of the company of learned men, with whom he liked discussing literary subjects. There is a story that a learned man of Shíráz, Jaláluddín Muhammad Roomi had come from Persia to Sindh and had sent his two pupils Mír Shamsuddín and Mír Muín to Thattá to arrange for his sojourn there. Jám Nizámuddín, learning the intention of the Persian scholar, ordered a place to be prepared for his reception and sent the two pupils with a large sum for expenses of the journey, ordering them to bring the learned man. But before their arrival their master had died. Mír Shamsuddín and Mír Muín therefore returned to Thatta in vain and took up their abode at the place.

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