Jam Nizamuddin

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Jam Feroz's Accession To Throne
... Jam Feroz succeeded his father Jam Nizamuddin at a young age and owing to his age, Darya Khan, who was an adopted son of Late Jam Nizamuddin, came forward as Feroz's ... In fact it was through the influence of Jam Darya Khan and some other chief courtiers of the late Jam Nizamuddin that Feroz was put on the throne against the ... Failing, Jam Salahuddin went to live in Gujarat Sultanate where his aunt was married to Sultan Muzaffar II (1511-1526) ...
Samma Dynasty - Rulers - Jam Nizamuddin II
... The Samma Sultanate reached the height of its power during the reign of Jam Nizamuddin II, who is still recalled as a hero, and his rule as a golden age ... Jam Nizamuddin's death was followed by a war of succession between the cousins Jam Feroz and Jam Salahuddin ...

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