Jacques Mesrine

Jacques Mesrine

Jaques Mesrine ( or ; 28 December 1936 – 2 November 1979) was the most infamous criminal in modern French history. He was responsible for numerous bank robberies, burglaries, and kidnappings in France and Canada. Mesrine repeatedly escaped from prison and made international headlines during a final period as a fugitive when his exploits included trying to kidnap a judge who had sentenced him. An aptitude for disguise earned him the moniker "The Man of a Hundred Faces" and enabled him to remain at large while receiving massive publicity as a wanted man. Mesrine was widely seen as an anti-establishment 'Robin Hood' figure. In keeping with his charismatic image, he was rarely without a glamorous female companion. A pair of films which came out in 2008 were based on Mesrine's life.

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Jacques Mesrine - Pop Culture References
... A film about Mesrine, Mesrine, was released in 1984 ... dedicated two tracks ("Le Mitard" and "Instinct de Mort") to Mesrine on their 1980 album Repression ... Punk Rock band The Blood also recorded a track titled "Mesrine" on their 1983 False Gestures For A Devious Public LP ...

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