Italian Socialists

The Italian Socialists (Socialisti Italiani, SI) were a minor social-democratic political party in Italy active in Italy from 1994 to 1998.

The party was founded on 13 November 1994, immediately after the dissolution of the Italian Socialist Party, which had been plagued by corruption scandals exposed by the Mani pulite investigations. The party was led for its short life by Enrico Boselli.

At the regional elections of 1995 the Italian Socialists formed a list with Democratic Alliance and Patto Segni, which was called Pact of Democrats. The results, however, were disappointing.

For the general elections of 1996, the Italian Socialists joined the list of Italian Renewal, a newly-formed liberal-centrist party led by Lamberto Dini, within The Olive Tree coalition, acquiring in total 7 deputies (Giuseppe Albertini, Enrico Boselli, Vincenzo Ceremigna, Giovanni Crema, Sergio Fumagalli, Paolo Manca and Roberto Villetti) and 5 senators (Livio Besso Cordero, Ottaviano Del Turco, Giovanni Iuliano, Maria Rosaria Manieri and Cesare Marini).

On 10 May 1998, the party merged with the Italian Democratic Socialist Party, a portion of Labour Federation, a portion of the Socialist Party and the Socialist League to form the Italian Democratic Socialists (SDI).

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