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Special Episodes

  • Throughout the duration of Power Rangers SPD, crossovers have twice been made. First in the episode History then four episodes later in Wormhole. In both instances, their memories were eradicated to avoid problems in the timeline, as the knowledge could alter the outcome in the future. In Wormhole the SPD rangers insist that it was unfair that only the Dino Rangers memories were erased, while theirs remain intact. In this, Doggie erases all of their memories including his own, except the Omega Ranger, who appears to avoid his memories being erased as well as Tommy who was not seen with the gang.
  • In the Power Rangers Operation Overdrive episode Once a Ranger, Kira returns when the Sentinel Knight brings Rangers from the past (with the exception of Bridge Carson from Power Rangers SPD who is now the Red Ranger since he was promoted) to form the Retro Power Rangers.

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