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  • Conner McKnight: The Red Dino Ranger; a soccer player and one of Dr. Oliver's students. The power he acquires from the Red Dino Gem is "Tyrano-Speed" which allows him to move at incredible speeds. He is associated with the Tyranno-Zord. He later gains the powers of the Triassic Ranger. He was portrayed by James Napier, who played another character in the Power Rangers Ninja Storm finale, Eric McKnight. Conner makes an allusion to this when he mentions having a twin brother who attended the Ninja Academy.
  • Ethan James: The Blue Dino Ranger; a sarcastic computer expert and one of Dr. Oliver's students. The power he acquires from the Blue Dino Gem is "Dino-Skin", which gives him invulnerability (and the appearance of super-strength). He is associated with the Tricera-Zord. He was portrayed by Kevin Duhaney.
  • Kira Ford: The Yellow Dino Ranger; a musician and one of Dr. Oliver's students. The power she acquires from the Yellow Dino Gem is the "Ptera-Scream" which allows her to produce a supersonic screech. She is associated with the Ptera-Zord. She was portrayed by Emma Lahana.
  • Tommy Oliver: The Black Dino Ranger; a professor of paleontology and long-standing Power Ranger (The Original Green Ranger, White Ranger, White Ninja Ranger, Zeo Ranger 5 Red and First Red Turbo Ranger). Two years, after first returning to action in the Power Rangers Wild Force 10th anniversary episode "Forever Red" as Zeo Ranger 5, Red, Tommy returns as a Power Ranger once again. The power he acquires from the Black Dino Gem is invisibility. Tommy is associated with the Brachio-Zord. He was portrayed by Jason David Frank and the rest of the team called him Dr. O.
  • Trent Fernandez: The White Dino Ranger; a manga artist and adopted son of Anton Mercer. He accidentally found the White Dino Gem, and the evil energies in it made him a foe of the Dino Rangers until he was freed, and joined their cause. The power he acquires from the White Dino Gem is chameleon camouflage and he is associated with the Drago-Zord. At the end of the show, Trent goes to art school. He was portrayed by Jeffrey Parazzo.

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