Isles International University

Isles International University

The Isles International University/Université (IIU), also called the Irish International University, is an unaccredited university operating currently or formerly in the United Kingdom, Ireland, Belgium, Malaysia, Switzerland, and St. Kitts.

Founded in 1996, the IIU has no campus of its own but works with unspecified partner institutions in Ireland and abroad. When talking about the IIU to a BBC reporter, its "Honorary Chancellor", Jeff Wooller, said that: "The whole thing's dodgy." According to its website the IIU is still in operation although, in response to the report shown on the BBC, it has removed some material.

The IIU is run by an "executive president", Hardeep Singh Sandhu, who has been described by Malaysian news media as "a Malaysian businessman" and by Verifile and Accredibase as a "Malaysian professor". Sandhu also set up IIU, according to Wooller.

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