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Île Aux Noix - Background
... Île aux Noix is a 210 acres (85 ha) island in the Richelieu River ... the French to build a fort in 1759, named fort de l'Isle aux Noix, to slow the British advance on Montreal, but were forced to surrender it in 1760 ... days on the island more than 900 American soldiers died and were buried in two mass graves on Isle aux Noix ...
... Rosières-aux-Salines is a commune in the Meurthe-et-Moselle département in north-eastern France ... In the past, inhabitants of Rosières-aux-Salines were insultingly known by their neighbours as oua-oua (pronounced "wa-wa"), on account of a speech defect caused by a local thyroid condition, which was considered ...
... Préaux may refer to the following places in France Préaux, Ardèche, a commune in the department of Ardèche Préaux, Indre, a commune in the department of Indre Préa ...
Thomas Macdonough - War of 1812 - Lake Champlain Campaign
... a heavily armed brig and five large gunboats at 'Isle Aux Noix' over the winter ... Daniel Pring, whose forces were based at Isle Aux Noix in upper Lake Champlain, didn't complete the 65 mile journey to Otter Creek until May 14 ... the attack and drove the Royal Navy back to Isle Aux Noix in Canadian waters by autumn ...
Aux Manir
... Aux Maniere, later AUX Manir Slobodan Sajin was a contemporary art group from Serbia in period 1982-2009, established by Slobodan Šajin (1952–2009 ...

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